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Stay in contact with other members of the community, schedule games, or just banter using the Discord messaging app. Our Discord guild is open to any members of the community, not just clan members!


We host seasonal player vs. player tournaments for our clan and larger community members. These private matches vary in style, but the winners receive special clan recognition and in-game prizes!


Our clan features Captains who ensure we earn all possible rewards each week, as well as guides who teach high-level strategy and tactics for endgame activities such as raids, crucible, and Gambit.

Active Guardians always welcome

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that plays together!

If you play a lot of Destiny and are looking for a community of likeminded Guardians to adventure with, join us

Our clan has been active in-game since 2014, with more and more members contributing to our ever-growing community. Even with this amazing growth, we're still just a friendly, welcoming group of Guardians — always open to new members.

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24 Aug

That Logo Came From The Moon!

Solarian is pleased to announce a Community Challenge to celebrate our fifth anniversary! We're asking the artists among us to design a new logo, icon, splash screen, and wallpaper in the style of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep™. The winner will be voted on by the leadership team, with a prize package that includes Silver, clan swag, and a title in the Discord!

22 Aug

The Solid Solarians

Solarian is pleased to welcome the clan formerly known as the The Solid Guardians to our family as Solid Solarians! This clan of around 25 PS4 Guardians has joined our community, brining a long and storied history tracing back to the launch of Destiny 2, as well as many active and skilled players and leaders!

21 Jun

Announcing the Solid Gold Tournament

Solarian Clan is proud to announce "Solid Gold", our Season of Opulence Destiny 2 PvP Tournament! Guardians will compete in regularly scheduled Rumble matches against other tournament participants. At the end of each bracket, the players with the highest number of kills in a single match will be awarded points. The player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins! Each of the tournament's six weeks will feature a unique curated loadout and designated map, following a schedule that will be published with the rules and registration information.

28 May

Opulent Membership Drive

Solarian has reached over 1000 members in out community! We have 12 in-game clans across all three platforms and are always looking for more quality players to join our ranks. To that end, our seasonal membership drive is underway and seeking the best Guardians Destiny has to offer!

31 Mar

SolNotes Podcast

SolNotes is a weekly talk radio-style podcast hosted and produced by our very own JustGeo42! Every week, a rotating compliment of community members talk about what's going on in the Solarian community and in Destiny at large. Head to the podcast page and have a listen!

27 Dec

Captain & Guide Roles

Introducting new clan leadership roles, Captains & Guides. Captains coordinate activities & ensure we earn weekly rewards, while Guides teach community members strategies & tactics for high-skill activities

Latest Videos

Solid Gold Tournament Teaser

Season of Opulence PvP Tournament

This short video is a teaser for our Season of Opulence clan PvP Tournament, "Solid Gold". For this season's tournament, participants will play in six Rumble matches against each other for points! Each week will feature a difffernt curated loadout and map.

Latest Update Video

Season Four End-of-Season
Update & Leaderboards

Grab your quarters and head to Solarian arcade

Our End-of-Season annoucements, clan updates, latest stats, and member leaderboards! We took a fresh approach to the format that should be familiar to any fans of vintage arcade gaming...


Søren is a prolific player on PS4. He is an avid raider and a terrible Crucible player. He can also be reached via Twitter @soren42.

soren42, Founder

Triumph Score: 67850

Tracon plays on PS4, usually in the evenings around reset day and on the occasional weekend afternoon. He collects titles and is an excellent PvE and PvP player.

tracon22s, Co-Founder

Triumph Score: 83400

NotDisliked is our lead PC Admin. He's a devoted raider, even having a first 24 hour clear under his belt! You can find him online sporadically but often, as his university schedule varies.

NotDisliked#1595, Administrator

Triumph Score: 70500
Rogue Calypso

Rogue is our lead XBox Admin. She's an amazing graphic artist and avid gamer. Her clan, Art of Mayhem, became part of the Solarian family at the beginning of 2019.

Rogue Calypso, Administrator

Triumph Score: 34350

Freak is our man-about-platform, regularly playing on both PS4 and PC. He's a Crucible juggernaut and a master raider.

Freak-0-, Administrator

Triumph Score: 16950

Kev plays around his work & family schedule. Destiny always holds new & amazing things in store for him, regardless of how long he's played.

kevdawg2003, Administrator

Triumph Score: 5700

Dup admins one of PlayStation clans. He is our most active streamer, often found sharing his PvP exploits with his Twitch audience.

Dup-46, Crucible Captain

Triumph Score: 63300