Xûr's Fated :: Joining Our Community
Applying to Join a Solarian Clan
Joining the Solarian Discord
Some Helpful Tips on Using the Solarian Discord



Applying to Join a Solarian Clan

  1. Head to the join page
  2. Select your platform and/or region from the pulldown menu
  3. Read the four bullets about why you must do to join our clan
    1. Select the checkbox next to each bullet once you've agreed or completed the steps
      1. Join our Discord Server (more on this below, you can actually check the box and agree to this, and do it once you get to the Discord section of this guide!)
      2. Read and agree to our Rules & Policies
  4. Click the link at the bottom of the list to be taken to the appropriate clan page
  5. Select "Join Clan" or "Join Clan on Platform"


Joining the Solarian Discord

  1. Head to our Discord server and either create an account (if you're new to Discord) or log into your existing Discord account
  2. You will find yourself in the #welcome channel with a message from one our helper bots, Rahool
  4. Now type ?register. The bot Charlemagne will send you a direct message with a link in it.
  6. Click the link to be taken to your Destiny account on bungie.net
  • If your link expires (reads "Link Expired" instead of "Click Here To Register"), simply return to the #welcome channel and say ?register again.
  • Doing this links your Destiny account to your account on our Discord. This allows us to provide you with stats, keep community leaderboards, sync your nickname on our Discord with your in-game nickname, and more.
  • The reason you are sent outside of Discord, to Bungie.Net in a web broswer, is so that you're not giving your Destiny username and password to us, but only to Bungie.
  • If the message appears entirely empty, it's a proble with your Discord settings. Open the Settings menu (the gear icon beside your username in the lower left corner of the window or screen), navigate to "Text & Images", and under the Link Preview subheading, enable "Show website preview info from links posted into chat."
  • PC Users: When prompted, please select the region server you typically play on. This will cause Discord to display the numeric portion of your BattleNet username, making teaming up with clanmates easier.
  1. Return to the #welcome channel and say either !ps, !pc, or !xbox to select your primary platform (you can add additional platforms by using the other commands afterwards).
  • This will unlock the rest of the conversation channels in the Discord server for you. You will, however, lose the ability to send messages in #welcome, as this phase of your registration is done!
  • If you receive an error from this command saying you "do not have permission to run this command", it can mean one of two things. Either you did not fully complete the process of logging into your Destiny account above, or the bot that assigns roles is being slow. If you logged in and received the "Successfully synced" response, then the bot is just being slow. To resolve this, you can:
  • Do the ?register process again, or
  • Wait a minute or two then attempt to select your platform again, or
  • Ping a server admin with the !helpme command.
  1. Head to the #general channel and introduce yourself! Be sure to tell us how you found our community.


Some Helpful Tips on Using the Solarian Discord